The frequently asked questions on zmotion and the corresponding answers are collected in one place.

[ZM220] The mouse cursor does not move normally.

This product has a built-in gyro sensor and its stabilization process will be initiated when the wireless presenter is turned on.
At that time, since its stabilization process cannot be executed properly when there is some sway, the mouse cursor can be moved irregularly.
“If such a symptom occurs, first place the key side face down on a flat surface for about 7 seconds before use.

Please contact our A/S Center if the same symptom is observed even after using the above method.

[ZM-110P/L]'ㅠ' will appear In the upper left corner of the screen when the black screen operates.

This phenomenon is caused when the language mode of your keyboard is changed to Hangul in PowerPoint.
In this case, after you end the slide show, simply change the current language mode by pressing the ”Han/Yeong (한/영)’ key on your keyboard,
Since this is a unique feature of PowerPoint, the same phenomenon can be observed in other products.
“If you use “”PowerPoint 2007 or higher and use the Key Program for changing the black screen button to ‘,’, you can use this feature regardless of language.