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Instructions on how to apply for A/S.

[A/S application and questions] After writing your requests, please ship the product to our customer center by using the LOGEN courier service.
– If the buyer use a courier service other than LOGEN courier service,

he/she needs to pay the shipping costs even under warranty.

–  Please send the product with shipping transmitter (presenter) and USB-type receiver.
– You will be informed in advance regarding all additional charges arising from AS.
– If you visit our A/S center in person, your request may not be processed in the day.

(Please contact us before your )

A/S application and questions

Consent to the Collection and Use of Personal Information
We would like to obtain your consent to the collection and use of personal (credit) information related to the operation of zmotion under Article 15 (Clause 1, No. 1), Article 17 (Clause 1, No. 1), Article 23 (No. 1) and Article 24 (Clause 1, No. 1) of the 「Personal Information Protection Law」 and Article 32 (Clause 1), Article 33 and Article 34 of the 「Use and Protection of Credit Information Act」. ◼ Details on the collection and use   - The purpose of information collection and use: Related services requiring the provision of personal information - Details on personal information provided for third parties ⦁ The information recipient: zmotion ⦁ The Purpose of the information recipient's use: The promotion and operation of zmotion, the status of its use, the provision of its service , etc.   - Personal information items to be used ⦁ Personal information contained in the documents submitted by the applicants - The retention and utilization period of personal information ⦁ The above personal (credit) information collected will be destroyed without delay in the following cases: The retention objectives have been achieved since the date of consent to the collection and use of personal information, or the owner requests the deletion of his/her personal information. "⦁ However, after the project end date, the personal information will be retained and used solely for the following reasons: Conflict Resolution, Complaint Handling, and the Fulfillment of Statutory Obligation. The retention period is three years. " - The right to refuse consent and the disadvantages of consent refusal . "Given the above personal (credit) information items, consent to the collection and use of the mandatory items and unique identification number is essential to perform the tasks. Therefore, you should agree on the collection and use of those items to proceed with the subsequent steps. You can refuse consent to the collection and use of optional items, but if you do not agree, you cannot apply for this project." - Do you agree on the collection and use of your personal (credit) information as above? Personal information: The information included in the submitted document, such as Name, Address, E-mail, Mobile Phone Number, etc.
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